Interior architect, Victoria Wood tells us what she’s into, and what her favourite FIELDBAR colour is.

Favourite time of day?
Dusk – the calming down of the pace of the day – it’s like a sigh.

Idea of weekend fun?
Anything involving family, friends, water, and feasting – I love to plan a meal.

Favourite swimming spot?
Fisherman’s Beach in Simonstown and St Francis Bay with it’s champagne waters.

Sunday morning walk?
Newlands Forest – thankfully our eager kids love it too.

A local gin you’re loving?
I’m a whisky girl. I like the Scottish blends and love a Jack Daniels.

What’s your bubbly of choice?
MCC Brut (especially Graham Beck Brut).

What interior buys do you have your eye on?
I have a bit of a chair obsession – we have so many good antique shops in our city and I love adding a layer of interest and quirkiness to my clients’ spaces with pieces I find.

Tiny House life?
Absolutely. I am a firm believer that Less is More.

Where’s next on your weekend away list?I love Betty’s Bay and there’s a place in the Karoo just past Sutherland that I’ve spotted. Big sky country is my thing – those night skies are so beautiful.

What wardrobe must-haves are you packing for that weekend away?
A swimming costume, summer dress, slip slops (and a denim jacket for when it’s a bit cooler).

Please share a secret outdoor spot with us?
Maalgat Cliffs close to Sanddrif in the Cederberg. It’s a bit of a hike to get there but you’re rewarded with a bottomless rock pool to cool off in.

What FIELDBAR colour speaks to you and why?I love Orchard Orange, you can’t help but feel happy with that colour. And the Sea Boat Blue is so elegant and classic.


Tell us about yourself?
I’m an interior architect and the founder of Möbius Interior Architecture. Although I am an architect by training, I am so passionate about the journey from the outside in – I love helping clients to actualise their thoughts

and the way they want to live their lives into well functioning and beautiful interior spaces.

How has your career shaped how you choose to live your life?
I sleep eat and breathe beauty, textures, colours, and form and these are woven into how I experience my everyday. I look for the beauty in everything.

You sound content?
I am. Balance is a thing for me – I seek it out. It’s why my company is called

Möbius, he was a German mathematician famous for his groundbreaking theories of space and geometry.

What SA designer do you admire and why?
Renée Rossouw has such a gift for colour. She is so playful and fearless and doesn’t see limitations in applying her design vision to different materials and projects, from her bespoke rugs to cera

mics and prints. I love that she’s also architect-trained.

What do you think defines great taste?
Knowing what you love – and pursuing it. I feel like it shows integrity and a commitment to owning who you are.

What are some of the spoils in your life that make a ritual out of a daily occurrence?
We get our Sourdough Bread from St James Café in Observatory, it’s made by a local self-taught baker Warren Rasmussen. I also stock up on coffee beans from Flat Mountain in Woodstock and local lavender oil for my bath – I love to bath.

Your favourite Cape Town building?
There’s something about the old synagogue in Maynard Street, Gardens that gives me such joy whenever I see it. It’s a beautiful Art Deco building that is so commanding.

What are some of the things you love about summer?
Swims in the sea
Late sunsets and courtyard dining
Sandy feet
Sea salt in my hair

Sundowner sessions – what’s going in your FIELDBAR?
I love a Lazy Jack – Jack Daniels on the rocks with a hefty squeeze of lime and a splash of soda. And I’m partial to a salt and black pepper kettle crisp with it.

And for a road trip?

Bloody Mary’s for brunch and Aperol Spritz for sundowner

How does the design of the FIELDBAR speak to your own design sensibilities?
It’s elegant and timeless, and the rounded curves are the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful design.

Who are you watching on Insta right now?
I’m trying to cut down on screen time – there’s more than enough outdoors to inspire me. That said, Michael Chandler (@mrchandlerhouse) always inspires with his eye.