Steve Smith Two-and-four wheel fan • Sports & adventure aficionado • Style pundit

FIELDBAR of choice: Parisian Green


Favourite time of day?
Dawn. I’m up, usually to meet my mountain bike or road cycling crews. Watching the sun come up from the King’s Blockhouse on Devil’s Peak or along the road to Llandudno is a great way to start the day.

Idea of weekend fun?
A cabin in the Karoo somewhere with friends and family, exploring the back road mountain passes on a gravel bike.

Favourite swimming spot?
Roman beach, Arniston

Run/Walk/Ride to the beach?

A local craft beer you love?
CBC Pilsner … dry, crisp, old school.

Salami sticks or biltong?

Crudités or chips?

Caravanning or Camping?

Where’s next on your weekend away list?
Riebeek Kasteel

What wardrobe must-haves are you packing for that weekend away?
Shorts, Tees, Birkenstocks, Simon and Mary sunhat, Persol sunnies.

3 spots you’re determined to visit this summer?
1 Anywhere but my living room will do. Remote working is doing my head in.
2 Cederberg for some camping.
3 Arniston … I’ve hired a house there for the holidays.

Please share a secret outdoor spot with us?
No. Obvs.

What FIELDBAR colour speaks to you and why?
Parisian Green … classic, understated… and a bit nostalgic.


Tell us a bit about your career to date and what you’re up to right now
I studied law. That was a mistake. So after I graduated I became a tennis coach for a bit. And had a clothing label called Acetone. My career in media started after writing a piece on a UK musical festival in the late 90s that got published in SL magazine, and from there, commissions started to roll in. I have also been the editor of Sports Illustrated, the Red Bull mag, The Red Bulletin, Car magazine, and for New Media, Sawubona and VISI. I now head up New Media’s content marketing agency. I’ve written a few books too – they were fun … biographies on SA sports legends, Herschelle Gibbs, Sarel van der Merwe and Ryan Sandes,

How has your career shaped how you choose to live your life?
It hasn’t at all. I think how I live my life has shaped my career. As a person in the world I’ve learned new stuff, absorbed, adapted and grown. My interests are really broad … from design, art and fashion, to music, cars, bicycles and sport. That’s allowed me to create content and build media brands across print and digital platforms that cover all of those subjects.

What new interior trends are exciting you?
I’m an unashamed retro junkie so the recent return of Bauhaus design and 80’s Memphis Group influences has been cool. But what I particularly love is the way young SA designers have added a twist to this with reimagined African patterns and palettes, adding a genuinely new angle on these classic influences.

What SA designer do you admire and why?
I’m a big fan of Pedersen + Lennard’s industrial Scandi aesthetic – I’ve just bought a big, bright yellow, oak-topped metal server from them. And I love Neimil – duo Keneilwe Mothoa and Lubabalo Mxalisa’s amazing punch-needle/rug-hook/embroidery abstract designs. We partnered with them for our VISI Collab series and they made these beautiful punch-needle scatter cushions exclusively for our online shop.

What do you think defines great taste?
I think it’s the ability to recognise the thread of great design regardless of style, era or price, and make those seemingly disparate elements work together.

What are some of the spoils in your life that make a ritual out of a daily occurrence?
There are a couple. Firstly, my handmade Italian bicycles …I have two: a 70s-era steel Colnago Mexico; and a 90s-era carbon fibre Colnago C40. And each is accessorised by my collection of either vintage wool, or suitably shouty 90s neon lycra cycling apparel. And then there’s Florence The Machine, my 1968 Mercedes-Benz “Fintail” … two-tone midnight blue with a white roof and red leather.