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The FIELDBAR Drinks Box is a hardcase cooler box designed for superior thermal performance. Properly made and perfectly proportioned, the Drinks Box is everything you would expect from a modern cooler. Durable, versatile, and comfortable to carry.

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  • + Description


    01. 50 hours ice performance
    02. 3-Year Warranty
    03. Easy-to-clean interior
    04. Airtight lid with solid ring silicon gasket
    05. Shock absorbent ABS plastic outer cabinet
    06. Condensation free construction
    07. Commercial grade aluminium hinges
    08. Genuine, double-stitched off-cut leather comfort handle
    09. Non-slip silicon feet
    10. Individually numbered and stamped
    11. Made in Cape Town, South Africa

  • + Care & Ageing
    • Clean with warm water and a soft cloth
    • Do not use cleaning products
    • Do not pressure hose


    • The leather handle will weather
    • The outer cabinet may incur minor scratches and dents
    • Brass-coated hardware may oxidise slightly
  • + Addtional Information

    Additional information

    Empty Carry Weight




    Internal Dimensions

    330.5mm H x 212.8mm L x 127mm D

    External Dimensions

    370cm H x 250mm L x 160mm D

    Colour Notes

    Pantone 9064