Column one source list: 1. Source unknown 2. Early morning fisherman and the cats waiting for their catch, by Chris Brown 3. Sailing in the Med, by Josiah Suskin 4. French Adventures by ROSIE 5. A field day in Africa 6. Tennis, by Charlie Zimmerman 7. Source unknown 8.  A Field of Fieldbars, West Coast National Park, South Africa 9. The real Girl from Ipanema, original source unknown 10, Holiday read, source unknown 11, Steve McQueen and wife, Neile, took a sulphur bath in Big Sur, 1963.John Dominis/Life Pictures/Shutterstock 12. In the tub at Cabine du Cap, South Africa 13. Kissing in tubes was not easy, so interested parties tended to park in the reeds.Alfred Eisenstaedt The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock 14. Safari White Fieldbar on a private jet 15. Source unknown

Column two source list: 1. A field day on the Amalfi Coast, by Daisy May 2. Summer showers, source unknown 3. A Sea Boat Blue Fieldbar on a sea boat 4. A man flew off a trampoline, Santa Monica, 1948 5. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, 1990 6. Source: Golden-West 7. Safari White Fieldbar, by Tammy Tinker 8. Source unknown 9. Young people at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, 1969.Vernon Merritt III/Life Pictures/Shutterstock 10. to move unobtrusively in the naked eye. by Scheinen 11. Patrick Powell, Hannibal, Mo., 1970.Vernon Merritt/The LIFE Picture Collection © Meredith Corporation 12. Cederberg swims, by Kristen Duff 13. Source unknown 14. Source unknown 15. Source unknown 16. California, 1970.Co Rentmeester / LIFE Picture Collection via Shutterstock